Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 102 Family Times

The dining room table was filled tonight with family. My children,  my parents, my sister and her fiance and my dear friend, Giovanni. It was a good meal with good company. I don't think I could ask for more. Well, my husband wasn't here since he had to work during the days the kids had off from school, but he was off fishing (and he caught fish!) so he did get enjoy himself too.

After dinner and sitting around a bit, we got out the old game, Scattergories, and enjoyed a few rounds with laughs. It reminded me of when I was a kid and the grown ups with gather 'round Grandma's kitchen table after a big meal and play a game. I remember watching them have such a good time when I was too young to play along, much like my kids did tonight. I remember when I was allowed to join them when I got to be of the age to keep up. We gave my son a chance to play tonight, but it proved to be a little too soon for him tonight.  He laughed regardless.

Nights like this bring a smile to face not only because of the fun I had this evening, but from the memories that are conjured up again from times too far distant. Family is happiness for me and with which I will never be apart from a reason to smile.


  1. This brings back nice memories for me too! Watching the adults...sitting on someone's lap, just absorbing the bantor of adult conversation, being part of the laughter and usually snacks and coffee were on the table. Great reason to smile!

  2. sounds like the perfect night! glad you're enjoying yourself. i LOVE scattergories! my friends and i always laugh so hard when we play. i come up with some pretty silly answers.
    wishing you a wonderful sunday full of smiles!

  3. Family meant everything to me, too. You can't find other happiness without them. :)