Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 106 Justly Kind

I'm a bit behind on getting my thoughts down today. If I have a prayer's chance of getting up in the morning, I had better keep this one short.

I will take the time to say that I'm still loving my son's teacher! We had our second monthly meeting (that's right, she offered to meet with me monthly just to see how things are going) and I explained that there are significant improvements in my son's stress levels (yay!!), but he was still having social issues on the bus. I went into the story about what happened recently when my son decided to demand that he be given his seat back (he used please). Her reply was awesome! She instantly understood that my son wasn't the instigator and the worst he did was stand up for himself. Why should he be a doormat anyway? Hoorah! Now, she wasn't saying he should start fighting anyone, but if he's being targeted, why can't he verbally speak out? Some may not agree, but I liked her attitude. I felt better that she saw his side of the story, and knew he was a good kid who would stand up against what he thought was wrong. Why should we suppress that?

I get a smile out of how he will hold the door open for others, say thank you when I get him a drink of water, but I love hearing about when he saw that a boy left his lunch box behind and he personally ensured that it was returned to the classmate. I love seeing him wave and smile at a boy that has special needs and isn't always socially accepted by peers (and right after he waved to that boy, an older girl made an ugly face at my son... yea, my kid's the problem here). When he complained about a classmate that shut the door on another classmate with crutches instead of holding the door open, I can't help but think he will be the kid who will not tolerate injustice.

He's a good boy...

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