Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 79 Wizard or Witch, Oh My!

For the last few days, I had been anticipating this morning, the morning I meet my son's teacher. Will she have the personality of Glinda the Good Witch or will I need a bucket of water by the end of the year?
Weeks ago, I emailed my son's teacher to arrange a call to simply give her a little information about my son, sort of a little heads up. Not that I consider my son to be anywhere near as warning worthy as a house falling from the sky, but a little "hey, look out for..." is not a bad idea. But, between her vacation, my vacation, and that Tornado Hurricane Irene wiping out the power and internet in my area, we kept missing each other. Finally, I got an email offering for me to come in and meet her personally before school (oh, I like that!).

As I walked into the school, I stopped into the office to let them know I was there. Let me be clear about this. I don't care for the office. For three years I've always been nice, and I always got the cold shoulder. I don't think it's personal, but the head office honcho doesn't try very hard to make you feel welcomed. You know that scene where Dorothy and crew are trying to get in to see the Wizard, and the guard slams the door window on them?

Yep, I feel like that's going to happen to me every time I go into that room. Well, I did, until one day last year, I marched into that office after my son left his class crying yet again, and requested sternly but politely that I would see the principal now. Since then, they seem to pay attention to me. I guess somewhere along the way, I picked up that Badge of Courage and used it.

Once I got past the office gates, so to speak, I found my way to the teacher's room. As I walked in, I felt like asking "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" Gratefully, I left with the sincere feeling that she could be our Wizard instead. She could be the one that gives him the Badge of Self-Esteem, and give him the power to "click his sneakers" to be stress free.

The big difference between the Wizard and my new team mate, is that she was not hiding behind some curtain or afraid to do what was needed. She was upfront about how we could work together, about what she expected, how she would handle situations, but above all she listened to me! I discussed modifying homework so it wouldn't take over two hours like it did last night, and she had no problem with that. Well, I've heard that before, only find out that my son was still being told to complete the work the next day. But this was different. I smiled from ear to ear when I saw that not only was she okay with the adjustments, she made the adjustment for me today.


We might have someone who will really help out this year. Someone who won't push my thoughts aside.   This teacher's got brains, heart, courage and my early approval! There's a long road ahead of us, but with the right support, we will all be smiling!


  1. Sounds like a great begining!! I always get a little nervour at the start of the new year with my kids, hoping that they will be the kind of teacher who has seen it all and not easily freaked out! I have to say I have had many more good experinces, but a bad parent teacher conection really can put a damper on a year! I love your anonolgy of Wizard of Oz, I always think the same thing when I meet a new teacher, "are you a good witch or a bad witch" great post!!

  2. Thanks Kathy. Fortunately, I've had more good experiences with teachers, than bad, but the bad experience is the one that derailed my son for too long. So I'm more cautious these days. But thankfully, I know that it doesn't take much for a good teacher to wipe that away, so I'm hopeful again!

  3. Whew! I'm so glad that went well!! It's always a good thing when people can communicate and agree to AGREE! good job!

  4. That is so great to hear...there is nothing like find a Wizard umong Witches (good or bad)...LOL! (Does that even make sense?!?!?!)

    Can't wait to hear if it all works out the way you see it working's hoping the "wizard" isn't all smoke n' mirrors...LOL!

    cheers and happy weekend!

  5. That last comment about smoke n' mirrors kinda sounds neagtive and it was meant to be funny...sorry! :(

    Really happy for your son that he has a great teacher this year! :)

  6. Shavon-- Thanks for stopping by and yes, it is great to be able to agree with someone who is so integral.

  7. Ginger (Just Another Mom of Twins)-- I loved the comment! Made me laugh! Thanks for going along with the analogy (and for stopping by as well)!

  8. It's awesome how you're able to use the Wizard of Oz as an analogy.
    As for me, I have to admit that there was one teacher who disappointed me in the past, but luckily she left my daughter's school already :)

  9. I'm glad you didn't get the wicked witch. I'm studying to be a special ed teacher (should be student teacher next fall) & I hope I'm able to be the good witch/wizard.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


  10. I am so glad you got good vibes from this teacher! Being a teacher myself, I can tell you that, most of the time, teachers try to do what's best for each student while at the same time making sure they are legally meeting their responsibilities to teach the standards (which sometimes, unfortunately, involves an inability to modify homework as "modification" is illegal, in a sense; "accommodation," on the other hand, is perfectly acceptable and, more than that, should be expected). I love your good witch/bad witch analogy! Believe me, there are few who are bad witches, and they're ruining the reputation of those of us trying to be good! Being a mother of a special needs child myself, I totally understand your concerns and frustrations, and I sincerely hope this teacher ends up being a good fit for your son. I know it can be hard finding that right person. Here's to a happy and healthy school year!

  11. That is a wonderful analogy, and I love how heartfelt and sincere you are about your fears. I felt the same way and even wrote a letter to the teacher prior to meeting her. It's in my blog, and it's funny because the moment I met the teacher, she relieved my anxiety, and my step felt lighter.

    Sounds like a fantastic school year is just down the "yellow brick road" for your family.

  12. You all are so great! Thanks for stopping by! I love that there are so many wonderful teachers and teachers to be out there!

    And Amber, I'm glad your meeting went well and you've been put at ease too!

    I hope I'm not giving the wrong impression regarding teachers. I have had wonderful teachers over the years. We just had one that had my son leaving class crying way too many times and that's why I get apprehensive now. I just want everyone to know that I completely appreciate teachers and I can't even imagine how difficult their jobs can be. I'm not a teacher because that job would drive me nuts! Thanks to teachers for all they do!!

    Thanks for the comments ladies!

  13. I've felt the same cold shoulder at my children's previous school while living in Florida but I never had the pleasure of meeting the wizard! It was horrible walking into the front office and being ignored and then practically thrown down for walking to my sons classroom without a name badge! I think I was more afraid of the principle than my children were and I'm not a timid person. Thank the heavens, we moved and all was right with the world once again!

    Loved your post! I'm visiting from voiceBoks Member to Remember

  14. Rebecka, it's a shame that you were made to feel that way! I found out principal to be fairly approachable, but he definitely keeps his distance. The secretaries were the more shut you down types. I'm glad you were able to find a better area for you and your children!