Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 57 It's a Zoo Out There!

It’s been a very busy day! And I am going to attempt to get down as much as I can before nodding off while I sit here. I’m truly exhausted!Actually, I’m beyond exhausted... I’m a blogging zombie at this point. 
We did make it to the Bronx Zoo today, but it was so incredibly crowded. I think it must have been Group Day or something, because there were hoards of people wearing matching shirts. It was definitely more crowded than my trip there a few weekends ago and we found it very difficult to get through any of the indoor or outdoor exhibits. I often thought that the animal exhibits looked much more inviting than the current one I was walking in at the time. We missed out on a lot of exhibits today, but we had a good time despite that.

Tonight was also my last Reiki Master class! I am officially a Reiki Master after many years of practicing Reiki and I can’t express how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to learn more about this amazing technique. Reiki has astounded me once again with its abilities and I know that I can only grow from it. I love that Reiki has provided me with opportunities to help my children, family, friends, and myself. I absolutely love that my children ask for Reiki when they are hurt or not feeling well, but what I love most of all is the peace that shows on my son’s face during a Reiki treatment, the calm that comes over his restless mind. I intend to provide more treatments for him on a regular basis to help him deal with his frustrations, focussing issues, anxiety, and self-control. If you would like to know more about Reiki, is a great place to read up on what Reiki is and to read articles about how it being used today by pro golfers, NFL athletes, and how Dr. Oz has Reiki practitioners in his operation room during surgery. Reiki is amazing and still astounds me many years after my first experience. And believe me, I was a total skeptic in the beginning and thought my good friend that introduced it to me and eventually taught it to me, was on the looney side. Oh, I thought she was extremely sweet and good hearted, but maybe a little crazy. 
After a day like today, that consisted of endless walking and hectic crowds, I’m completely overstimulated. With a trip planned for tomorrow, I would typically have trouble putting my mind at ease before falling asleep. Tonight, I’ll be treating myself with Reiki and I have a feeling I will drift off rather quickly. I’ll even practice smiling while I treat myself. That sounds like an excellent way to drift off to dream land.


  1. Wow. That does sound like a full day. I need to wind down now myself. Thanks for sharing the info on Reiki. I'm intrigued...maybe it something that I can benefit from.

  2. It WAS busy, but worthwhile! I already used a new Reiki technique on my daughter for a sore throat and she feels better!