Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 53 Now, We're All Saving...

My kids love to buy stuff. My son asks for things all the time regardless of how many times I tell him we aren’t buying anything. My daughter is more understanding of the proclamation and tends to stick to the “No asking” rule much better. But in the beginning of the summer, the kids were going to spend all of their earned money on more wasteful toys. I told my kids that we needed to save our money for our vacation so we would have more to spend there. My son sort of brushed that aside, but my daughter took it to heart and gave it some thought. “You think we should save our money?” “Yes, I think we should.” “Even you?”  Drats! “Yes, all of us.” I am occasionally reminded of this.
My little diva was invited to a birthday party for today and of course, I waited until the last minute to buy a gift (as in I’m gift shopping 30 minutes before the party begins). As my daughter and I are speedily searching through the toy store, my daughter picks out a butterfly net. She loves her butterfly net, so why wouldn’t her friend?! I was happy to oblige, besides there wasn’t time to argue. Then I noticed the low price tag and then the sale sign. I couldn’t very well give just a $5 present. So I told my little girl to pick out a few more things to go with it. She looked up at me, with butterfly net in hand, and said “Well, okay, but I don’t want you spending too much! We’re saving for our Myrtle Beach vacation, remember?” Yes, I remember... it's my happy place.

After the birthday party, the family went to an outlet mall. I’ve been searching for a pair of summery sandals to go with a few dresses I had bought earlier this year (and yes, my daughter questioned if my purchase was cutting into her vacation money) after my cute JCrew jellies broke mid stride while out and about last week. I found a great deal on a pair of replacement shoes and then we meandered the plaza of deals. We came across the Converse store and I thought that it would be nice for the kids to have new shoes for school. As my daughter tried a pair of Converse that represented a diva in style with it’s cute glittery appearance, she once again reminded me of our beach vacation. I had to explain that “Yes, I know we’re saving for our vacation, but we do need to buy some things and this happens to be a buy-one-get-one-half off deal so we’re saving a little money that way! Now, do they fit or not?” They didn't and I don't think she was too disappointed at all... I think she was thinking of her happy place.

We have two weeks left before our much anticipated vacation and I can’t wait. Not only is Carolina calling me to it’s shores, but I want to open up my wallet without the miniature accountant reminding me of my expenditures. Oh, she’s been good with not buying anything and I love that! I just can’t enjoy a browse through the Kate Spade outlet knowing she’s watching my every move. Ah, well, I’ll enjoy our little holiday that much more when I go shopping at the outlet there! Until then, I’ll just keep picturing that wonderful ocean and serene view! That’ll keep a smile plastered to my face!


  1. I really, really need a little watchdog like your daughter monitoring my expenses! That would definitely help me to save more money. That is just too cute!

    I hope you guys enjoy your vacation!! My son has just moved to North Carolina and sent some pictures of the beach yesterday - just beautiful! I'm sure Myrtle Beach is even more beautiful!

  2. Yes, she's been quite diligent. And I love the Myrtle Beach area. We go way south of the main area of Myrtle Beach by the inlets. It's a great area!

    Thanks for stopping by!