Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 68 Sun, Surf, Food, Flatulence

I’m on vacation and while I intend to fulfill my daily smile journal commitment, that doesn’t mean they’re going to be lengthy! I’m too busy enjoying my smiles to get all wordy about them. I will be adding pictures once I’m back home, but for now, I don’t have internet and I am working with an iPad that doesn’t let me use certain blog features like font size, links, or images very easily. Bear with me...

So from morning to now, here’s how my smiles came today in sunny Murrell’s Inlet, SC.

Pool time with my family!!

A walk to the most awesome part of the beach where starfish (or sea stars) were abundant.

Fishing with my boy... didn’t catch any of those little rascals swimming by, but one on one time with my son was something I can’t catch enough of these days!

The kids playing (not bickering) in the pool again. Woo hoo!

My husband shopped and grilled up dinner tonight. Then we all had a nice dinner by the water.

We took the kids to the arcade and pier. $20 in tokens makes little happy faces for some reason. We all love a quick game that’s over too fast and love getting hundreds of tickets to cash in. Unfortunately, my kids each got over 500 tickets each (padded by the generosity of strangers) and kept asking for items that were 2 and 5 tickets each. But hearing my son say “And last, I’ll take another whoopee cushion and enough tootsie rolls to finish it out!” was well worth it.

While switching laundry, I hear an obnoxious sound of flatulence followed by uproarious laughter! Both kids were hysterical over a that toy that’s been around for ages! The good old whoopee cushion...

Now, I’m off to go fishing again and maybe pop into the hot tub with all it’s multi colored awesomeness!

You can’t peel the smile off my face today!


  1. I so miss that area. Be sure to get to Brookgreen Gardens.

  2. Hi, I wanted you to know your comment for the Miracle Makeover Cancer Fundraiser did not go unnoticed! The founder gave us all an award for appreciation you can see here:
    Thanks again!

  3. Vacations are wonderful opportunities for lots of smiles!!

  4. Michael Ann, that certainly has been proven the case here!

  5. this post made me smile!! i LOVE the title and of course it left me wondering just what it'd be about!
    i love whoopie cushions and i'm almost 29. ha! it's the little things. it's awesome that your children stretched their tickets to the limits :)
    happy vacation!