Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 46 Settling Right Down

When I’m staying away from home, I tend to have difficulty sleeping. That’s what happens when I’m not in my own bed, with my own pillow and it usually means my schedule is out of whack too. The same often goes for children as well. So while I’m happily babysitting two of the cutest children ever (and one’s already snoozing away), I can’t help but love blankets and pillows.
There’s something to be said about laying down a couple of blankets and pillows on a floor, turning off the lights and playing a movie. It can be very subduing. We put on the movie Rio (slightly endorsing it because my husband worked on the movie, but no I’m not getting paid to do this) and the effect is wondrous. 

The young ones are lying down quietly... It’s really sweet! I’m off to enjoy this moment and smile at the little cuteness happening before me, like our little guest petting my daughter’s hair or telling my son he’s so silly and making him smile. It’s way too cute , I’ve gotta join them!


  1. Sounds like it's a carefree day lying down with the comfy of soft pillows and blankets and in the company of little angels!

    Visiting from voiceBoks!
    Dangzter Online

  2. I love snuggling in blankets to watch tv.
    We're going to rent Rio for the next day of my hubby is off. Definitely looking forward to it!

    The Random Mommy Blog