Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 60 A Hallmark Bar Night

It’s been 60 days! 60! I can’t believe I have stuck to this for 60 days. Believe me, it hasn’t exactly been convenient to do this every night. Especially on a night like this where I’m getting home really really late after meeting friends out for drinks. I smiled a lot tonight. laughed out loud heartily many times. But to be honest with you, what I want to do is sleep now. Instead, I pull out the movie The Princess Bride (actually, I clicked on it in iTunes) and put it on in a small screen on my tiny 13” lap top (it’s mini Princess Bride) and bring up the blog. I think listening to Fezzik (Andre the Giant) rhyming is good writing chi. 
Tonight was a fun and glorious night. Without a problem in sight. 
I met a friend out, then met up with my sister and a group of friends. The only thing missing was my husband, but I laughed anyway, discussing music, movies, and the Hallmark channel. Who would’ve thought that the Hallmark channel would be the station of choice for the ladies room at an irish sports bar?! I must say, there’s nothing like a few beers and small segments of The Golden Girls. 
All that above, a great night did include. But better was the discussions that ensued. 
It was so nice being able to talk to people who aren’t in elementary school or to have conversation that didn’t revolve around those little rugrats. Oh, I certainly talked about my kids... How could I not? They’re my life after all. But is it inconceivable I could have an evening of movie and music talk? That I would declare that I don’t like super hero movies (People in masks can’t be trusted)? And that I’m a fan of Sherlock Holmes books, movies and shows? I am hoping to get some links for Holmes off shoots... 
I had a great time, I mean it. Anybody want a peanut?
But alas, I am tired! I can hear you saying “Get some rest!” And I am smart enough to know that I need it. After all, if you haven’t got your health, then you haven’t got anything, so I say to you, with a smile on my face,“As you wish!” 


  1. Great job! My goal was to try to do this every day for a year, but I failed miserably during our Vegas trip. Are you getting pushback, "you're doing your blog AGAIN...come watch Storage Wars with me?" 8 months to go!

  2. Oh Marianne, it is so difficult some days! Thankfully, my husband is super supportive and I think he's hoping I'll get some amazing book offer or something (dreaming...)! He's been working around my blog more than I have I think! The real test will be during our vacation starting this Friday. Which we'll be driving to Hurricane Irene's possible destination, so that'll be interesting!