Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 69 Cleaver-free Monday

It IS possible for Mondays to be good days! Usually, I find them deplorable and a terrible termination to a weekend. This is especially true when the kids are in school, but just as horrible during the too short summers as it means that my husband goes off to work at a pretty cool job where they let you play billiards and video games, and leaves me to handle the housework like June Cleaver. If only I could actually moderate the house in such a TV land way, but I’m definitely a bit amiss when it comes to running the house in an apron, cooking and being neat and tidy (I do like aprons though).

Mondays are the first day of the week where I’m left to summon up my most Cleaver-esque abilities and, much to the rest of the family’s chagrin, I come nowhere close to succeeding. I’m pretty sure I’ve discussed this before... But today, I don’t care if I’m June or not. Because today is another day on vacation. 

My sister and her guy flew in today after being held up by Hurricane Irene. Thrilled to see them... a full house is a happy house!
I swam with my kids and I had a pool triathlon. Triathlon? You run across the shallow end of the pool until you can’t touch the bottom, then you swim across the deep end to the noodles waiting on the side of the pool. Lastly, you “bicycle” paddle on your noodles back to start. It was a riot! 
I went fishing again, and again, no success. I think the fish are just taunting me with their jumping out of the water.
I had dinner at a restaurant on the inlet that had laundry baskets as light fixtures.
I threw in some photography to round the evening out! 
Oh, and not only do I reunite lost children with their parents like I did on Saturday, but I also reunited my mother with her rogue flip flop that was pulled off her foot by a wave tonight, in the dark no less! 

It was a GOOD Monday! I wonder what June did on her vacations... En, who cares, I’ve got a hot tub waiting on me!

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  1. I'm so happy to hear you're taking in every bit of your vacation. a restaurant with laundry baskets as light fixtures!? sounds absolutely amazing!! and a hot tub! ahhh so relaxing!
    i wish every monday was like this monday!
    hope your tuesday is just as wonderful!