Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 70 To Grandmother's We Go

On the road again. I donned my virtual red riding hood and headed out to Grandma’s today. Instead of a picnic basket, I brought my family. The Big Bad Wolf in this scenario is the navigation app that ate up 30 minutes of our time by suggesting that we travel through the tobacco/cotton field lined back roads of South Carolina where you can’t drive over 45 mph, rather than the speedier highways. But unlike like Little Red, I didn’t veer from my path, mainly because there weren’t any other paths to take! Or any people to run into either, also unlike Little Red’s trip to Grandma’s. Eventually, we made it to Grandma’s just fine. 

My Grandma is currently at a nursing home which I find difficult to accept at times. As we walked in, we were greeted by the gracious southern hospitality that I forget exists until I return here. See, I was born in South Carolina and I have always found that South Carolinians are the most cordial people and my Grandma fits right in with that. However, seeing the room of wheelchair bound ladies in the lobby, waiting for something, anything, to happen is a bit disheartening. But when we past the first set of doors, there she was wearing a big smile on her face. By talking to the many staffers and residents, she is the shining star at the home. She wheels herself around that place, visiting with residents and encouraging those who work there. She brings a smile to many faces, not just ours. 

We were able to get her out for lunch and some shopping and return her in time for her dinner social. 

I knew my daughter would be nervous, especially at the nursing home, but my son really shined today. He took up so much time with Grandma, as if he had been with her every day of his 9 years, and in return, she not only listened to his many ideas, but often engaged in thoughtful discussion over them. He even made sure she was given tennis balls to help clean the scuff marks off the floor from her wheelchair. That boy can be so considerate! He really lit up around her and that just brightened my day right up.

After our goodbye’s, we set out on the road again. This time a completely different route. A much more lead foot pleasing route (hey, anything about 55 around here is a lead foot pace!). By the end of my day, my path was straight, Grandma was visited and fed, and I was happy to see her in such surprisingly good spirits. I left fulfilled. So you may put on your red riding hood and say to me “My! What a big mouth you have!” (which, coincidentally I do have a pretty big one) and I’ll say to you, “All the better to smile at you with, my dear!”

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