Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 45 This Day Full of Smiles

All week my daughter has asked:
 “When are they going to be here?” 
“And how long is that?” 
“Is that the day right after this day?” 

Tomorrow is often called  “The Day After This Day” aournd here. I’m pretty sure it will be a movie title in the future, at least it sounds like it should be to me.
Today, a.k.a This Day, our guests arrived! We couldn’t have been more excited! Two of my closest friends that I’ve known since ninth grade are visiting us and they have two of the cutest toddlers I’ve ever seen! I have missed having a little one around now that my youngest is six years old. It’s been such fun watching their kids play with mine, seeing the girls dolling themselves up with the dress up clothes, watching my son gather his older tractor and car toys up for the nearly one year old, and laughing through it all as only parents can do. You know what I mean... You laugh because they’re funny, because it’s so cute, and because it’s so ridiculous! 

Once the kids were off to bed, which is no easy task when their routines have been full of such excitement, we adults got a chance to sit by a fire and enjoy a little grown up time. I cold beverage, good conversations, lots of laughs and the enticing flicker of flames from the fire pit are about as good as any vacation you for which you  could leave the house and there’s no comparison to going to a bar. Theres’ something so comforting about sitting around the flames and watching the embers float on up. There’s something so personal when it’s just the few of you. And more importantly, there’s something so soul easing about good company. And on the shallow vanity side of it, I got to slide on my favorite boots and feel about as rustic as I ever will be comfortable feeling. I do love a good pair of boots... So, good friends, amazing kids, a healthy fire, cold drinks and bad ass boots make me smile. Thoroughly good times were had on This Day and I'm sure will continue on through The Day After This Day...


  1. Sounds great! It sounds like you had a nice time around the fire for some grown up time. We love visiting with friends! We have friends over for dinner almost every Saturday. They don't have children, but we have a great time, and every time they leave they have the big discussion on when to have children (apparently my kids are that cute- haha). I told them to just come visit mine when they need a kid fix. :) There's no fire because even at night it's like 100 down here in Houston, but we have done bonfires on the beach in the summer because there's a nice breeze off the water.

  2. Hi Amy, thanks for stopping by!

    A bonfire on the beach sounds enticing! I would love to do that!