Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 47 An Itch I Can't Scratch

My sunburn (See Day 44 I Miss My Hugger) is itching like crazy now that it’s healing and I probably look like I have fleas to everyone else. Despite that, I’ve had a good day! I’ve even been laughing at myself while trying to reach that not so easy spot to reach between my shoulder blades!
Our company left this morning which was too soon in my opinion, but we did all get to enjoy a breakfast of French Toast that I didn’t scorch beyond recognition (It’s a MIRACLE!!). Okay, maybe not enjoy, but it was food! Enough said. 
Maybe I could spray some benedryl on my back... If I lean over, spray it in the air behind me, it just might go where I need it. 
When it was time for our friends to leave, I was sad to see them go. I contemplated hiding the kids behind the sofa or some where. One of two things would’ve happened: 1. My friends would have left the kids behind (there’s no way) 2. My friends would have stayed longer (Yep!) 

But I didn’t hoard the kiddies. I let them go and missed them all dearly when they were gone. There’s something so brightening about having toddlers back in the home. I get that itch to have a third child from time to time... an itch.. 

Where’s a Backscratcher when you need one? Oh, yea... He's off fishing somewhere... Rubbing my back up against the couch cushions isn’t working nearly as well... “Hey kids... Come here a sec...” I knew those kids of mine would come in handy!
But the highlight of my evening was my son howling with laughter at a television show. Now, typically, he watches shows that are funny, but he doesn’t realize it. He tends to watch shows such as “Top Gear” which he absorbs all the information from, but doesn’t really get the humor (he does tend to add in a british accent occasionally though which gets me laughing). But tonight, I had put on a DVR’d episode of “The Marriage Ref” and that show flipped his giggle box right over! As a child that I don’t see laugh nearly enough, I could watch this anomaly for hours on end!  
Ahhh... Found my daughter’s butterfly net! I suitable substitute for a backscratcher... That’s better... 


  1. i know the feeling that itch to have more babies around. I am glad now to have the grandchildren. I can hardly keep up with all four of them.
    I found your blog on VoiceBoks now following.
    Check out my blog if you like. Have a great week.

  2. I get the itch for more children too, but thankfuly I have two smaller nephews, 2 and 8 months to help with the cravings!!! I love the story of your son laughing at the show, our daughter has a brain disorder that affects all areas of her development. Whenver she watches Daffy Duck or any of the visiual old cartoons she laughs so hard! It is the best music to all of our hears! Great to find you on VoiceBoks! I'm now following you!!

  3. Haha my mom used to make us scratch her back.
    Sorry about the sunburn, I burn easily so I definitely know what it feels like!

    Found you on VoiceBoks, now following! :)

  4. Aww.. kid's are a blessing no matter what. I'm currently pregnant so I've fulfilled that "itch" to have another one. haha. Love your blog.