Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordish Wednesday...

I've been going through my pictures from the Bronx Zoo trip from Saturday. This seemed like a good opportunity to share a few of them!

The two following are from the Butterfly Garden. Such a cool exhibit!

The following are the coolest Baboons and Baboon Exhibit I've ever seen!

I know this one is completely washed out (I was using manual settings on the fly) but I like the way it came out anyway.

Bison.. on a hot day.

This bird (can't remember what it's called) was being a bit of a ham!

African Wild Dog - I'd never seen one before and they were pretty cool. I do have a bit  of dog obsession though.

Lego animals are all over the zoo for the summer. My son, the one who spends hours building with Legoss, thought this was pretty cool too.

The Bronx Zoo is awesome, by the way! I had never been before and I will certainly be going back as often as possible! Loved it!


  1. I love the Leggo frogs.

    But that wild dog had amazing markings, huh?

    Thanks for linking up with me today Kelly!

  2. I think the lego frogs were my favorite of the lego animals! Thanks for stopping by Rebecca!