Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 56 Fall into Place

I awoke to my daughter petting my head this morning, ever so sweetly. Well, actually, I was brutally awakened by an alarm signaling it was time to wake my husband again, (I’ll spare you that synopsis again, but you can read about it here), but I did fall back to sleep. Then, I was awakened by my daughter petting my head. She didn’t ask anything of me, she was just sweetly caressing my hair. We both laid in my bed awhile, she moved on to petting our sleepy dog, who seems to be the only other one in the house that understands sleeping in, and I checked email from my phone before moving on to breakfast. My morning just fell into place easily. The rest of the day went just about as well...

My mom came into town today for a visit and that was enough to make me smile effortlessly, and that lingered on through our shopping. One of the things purchased today, were a pair of red, retro styled headphones for my daughter and we grabbed the last pair stocked in her favorite color. We bought the headphones and eventually made it out to the car to head home. My little girl, who was certainly ready for a peaceful ride home, asked to wear her new cool headphones. Unfortunately, I opened the box to find that one ear pad was missing! *Gasp! I would have to return them, but that meant that she would not be able to have the headphones in her favorite color and would have to settle for pink or even worse, white! What a world! But as I left the crew to settle down in the car with my mom, I popped back in to the store to make the exchange. I went to the table to grab a pink pair, but something else caught my eye... a red ear pad. Yes!! No need to exchange anything. She got the color she wanted after all and was glad she didn’t have to buy the pink pair, or worse, white! Ahh, I love when things fall into place like that! 

I also got a cool little Watchover Voodoo doll keychain today! I got a little guy who is called Gladiator and he is supposed to "To help give you strength to fight for all the things you believe in." I like the sound of that. It was also interesting that I would get this little fellow on the same day as my son’s Individualized Education Plan, IEP, arrived in the mail. While going over everything in the packet of information, I was glad to have that little guy spurring me on. I wasn’t sure about a few things on laid out for us, so I’ll be checking in with the district to discuss it. I’ll be sure to have this cool little figure near by to remind me to stay strong! Funny how that all worked out today...
It was a long day and I’m exhausted... falling asleep as I type actually. But I’m looking forward to a trip to the zoo tomorrow and thrilled that my mom will be joining us this time. Can’t wait.... At least tomorrow, I’ll be waking up to my alarm and not an unwanted one. Hopefully, every thing will fall into place tomorrow as well! That would be extremely smile worthy!


  1. I love it when everything falls into place! It's what I call a perfect day!
    Hope you're having fun at the zoo right now...

  2. Tina, we were having a good time, a little hectic, but it was good time regardless!