Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 55 A Spider Ate My Grump

I confess and understand that I’m ridiculously irritable today! More so than I have been in quite some time... at least a week! It’s lingered with me all day, through cleaning, shopping, eating, swimming, and even some of Reiki class. It all started this morning... an alarm.
Somewhere around 7:30, my husband’s alarm goes off. Of course, he doesn’t hear it and it’s on his side of the bed, so I have to try to get him to turn it off. See, I don’t do alarms during the summer. From September through June, it is my job to wake everyone up in the house, five days a week. Yes, I know there are parents out there that do it every single day and more power to you. I personally take the summers off. And yet, I have to wake up to the alarm so that I can tell my husband to turn off the alarm that he has set so that he can wake up to it. Then he falls back to sleep, so I have to remind him to get up. Occasionally, I can fall back to sleep, but I’m usually awake after that. So today, I woke up on the wrong side of the obnoxious alarm this morning. I’m pretty sure he has picked the most heinous sound option in order to ensure that he hears it, however it just means that I awake from peaceful slumber by jumping out of my skin. Grating...
I would have loved to have been over the rainbow today... 
(Didn't my mama take a nice picture?!)

It poured today! I mean it didn’t just rain cats and dogs, but lions and tigers and bears (oh my) as well! And it just so happened to be raining it’s hardest when I was due to walk through it, umbrella-less. My husband meets me at the gym to work out, I go to my class and he takes the kids home when he’s done. Clever me knew that he would have to go to my car to get the booster seat, so why not just have him drive the car to me at the entrance. We would both be saved from having to walk in the rain. That only works if he answers the phone, which of course, on the wettest day possible with flooding all around us, he doesn’t. I know, not really his fault. He just didn’t hear it. He was probably preoccupied with relocating the booster in the monsoon. Still, I had to walk, (couldn’t run in my wet flip flop wedges) to the car which wasn’t nearly close enough. I can hear you thinking “You’re not gonna melt!” Did you see Wizard of Oz? That mean green lady went down and I was feeling pretty mean myself at this point. I had preferred not to take any chances. Turns out, I’m not so mean, or green for that matter, as I am here to tell my tale. But alas, in all my soggy glory, I had to go to my class. Wet cotton silk blend shirts stick to you. Ugh. 
After returning home from Reiki class, I found that my little girl had a sore throat and sounded froggy. She was ready for bed and wanted me to read her a story. I didn’t particularly feel like it, but she did take pain medicine like a champ (honestly, she whined and asked for reward points), so we picked out a story. After the story, she walked her fingers on my arm, asking where I was ticklish today. I explained that, today, I didn’t have a tickle spot. I’m grumpy. She then put her fingertips on my head and uttered “Arrrtsch,arrrtsch! There’s a spider on your head and he’s going to eat your grump!” And as the spider crawled on my head, jumped down my arms and tickled my belly, I began to laugh. She had done it. With her little spider, she get rid of my “grump”. She was smiling and laughing, despite her froggy voice and sore throat, and I was smiling now that my “grump” was spider dinner. If she could still be happy despite not feeling well and taking yucky medicine, I should grow up and get over my ornery behavior too. 

Clever idea: Her laughter should be recorded and used as my husband’s alarm! How could I get mad over waking up to that wonderful sound? There’s no way! I would wake up every day with a smile. Sounds like a good way to start the day.


  1. What a lovely story ! Could do with a spider visiting me today, I am not in the best of moods.

  2. As your walking around today and feeling grumpy, just say Arrtsch arrtsch in a growly voice! Nobody'll mess with you!