Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 58 Bursting Taco & Found Humor

I’m back at my parents’ house for a few days and pretty darn happy about that. The drive back was pretty easy aside from my food choice. I decided to grab a couple of tacos for the road and intended on pulling over to eat them. Unfortunately, the drive thru window exited directly onto the road without any parking spaces. Traffic was a bit crazy, so I didn’t even attempt to cut across to another parking lot.  So as I drove on, I attempted to eat the tacos while driving. Not my most brilliant idea. Somehow, as I brought the soft taco up for a bite, I managed to dump tomato, lettuce and onion all over myself. It literally looked like my taco exploded on me. Seriously, I’ve never had a taco with so much condiment and the one day I try to eat one unconventionally, I get a loaded one and then get to wear it. I was finding tomato on the steering wheel, radio, creases of jeans, you name it! I won’t be trying that again. 

Now, that I’m home, and cleaned up from the veggie detonation, I’ve settled in. We sat around and watched some movies. One of which was a movie about a pregnant woman. At the end, she’s in labor and rattling on to her love interest. My son saw this part of the movie and declared “SHE SHOULD GO TO THE HOSPITAL! Seriously, she should ride in an ambulance to the HOSPITAL! She’s talking too much!!”  Normally, he would be very serious about this and possibly even become upset. Today, he actually smiled at the end of his rant and started to chuckle. He found the humor in it all and didn’t allow himself to fall into his usual trap. I was so proud of him! I think it helped that my mother and I laughed at the first part of his declaration and made him feel as though he made a joke. He lightened up! He often has had statements that started out as emotional they should’ve’s that quickly spiraled into weepy episodes of misunderstandings. Tonight, though, he was able to turn a possible meltdown into a laugh. I thought it was utterly amazing to me and just as astounding, was that I didn’t have to explain much. I just said “I know... she’ll be fine, it’s just  a movie. “ So proud...
To end my night, I put on one of my favorite movies.. my go to smile inducing movie, 50 First Dates. I just makes me so happy and I love the music/songs played throughout. It’s how I plan on getting to sleep tonight. My husband stayed at home this weekend and I never sleep well without him. You’d think I’d be thrilled that I won’t be awakened by an obnoxious sounding, vibrating iPhone alarm. And I am! But I know that I’ll toss and turn all night. Oh well... I’ll do my best. In the mean time, I’ll reflect on Alex’s little emotional control win and enjoy some Forgetful Lucy beating Ula with a bat. It’s just so funny... right up there with bursting tacos. 


  1. I can SO relate...I ate a taco in the car yesterday while on the road for work. Ummm...I ended up wearing some of it to my meeting, too :-)

    I love the idea behind your blog. Don't we all need to smile more, especially in the face of life's challenges!

    visiting and now following from VB!

  2. I think we need to make tacos a more portable food...

  3. Cool for your son to see the humor...sounds like you're on the right track Mom!

    Visiting from voiceBoks
    Thanks, Becky Jane