Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 72 Sleepwriting

I'm dog tired! I was happy to drive/ ride along for the 3 hour trip if it meant spending more time with my Grandma, but making that trip 3 days in a row has made me so exhausted! Not to mention staying up way past anyone's bedtime last night. This is going to be short! 

After returning home and missing 4 1/2 hours of fun beach-like activities, I just wanted to spend time with my family. We decided to take the kids to the closest pier area and let the take in some of the amusement. My son raced around the slick track, which he took to quite well for his first time in a go-cart, and also took too seriously. My daughter only had one choice really--the bungie trampoline. She definitely wasn't riding on the mechanical bull! She was flabbergasted that anyone would want to ride something that purposefully threw you off of it to possible doomsom. Of course, my son wanted to ride it. After rides, we had ice cream, walked out the pier, then bed.

I am incredibly grateful to have spent time with my grandma despite being really tired right now. I am even more grateful for getting out with my husband and kids to enjoy unique family time. 

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