Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 83 Dogs' House

I've got my feet propped up with my computer on my lap on a pretty large sofa, and yet I barely have room to move my arms. My elbows are squeezed against my sides. And that's a good thing! My dogs are home! After nearly three weeks apart, they are back and positioned on each side of me! Right where they belong. Stanley on my left, Sparky on my right. It's nice to have them home!

Stanley & Sparky
wearing winter jackets after a their haircut (despite Stan's protest).
Spark quite likes it all.
They were staying at my parents' house for our vacation, but their trip was extended due to the dates of our trip and the start of school immediately following. It just hasn't been home without them. I'm so happy they're here and from their reaction when they arrived, I'd say they were pretty darn happy about it too. I swear they smiling! It's just so nice to have them home!!

I've missed having them under my feet when I'm sitting, following my feet when I walk, and laying on my feet as I sleep. I've learned that typing with Stanley's head on my laptop wasn't as annoying as I once thought and in fact, I think he made me write to a higher quality (just let me think it I have higher quality writing somewhere) with his little muzzle nestled near my wrist. Gosh, it really is so nice to have them home!!!

Sparky, my neurotic fur ball, with his fear of random floors and rooms, has been missing his rug covered floors just as much as I have missed having him find a corner for comfort. And yes, not only do my kids have anxiety, but my dog does too. Before you can say "Gee, I see a pattern here", he was like that before I got him. He has gotten better though. He used to be afraid of EVERY THING. Now, it's pretty much just certain floors and strong cleaners. He likes me to use green cleaning products. Smart dog. Seriously, it' s just so ridiculously nice to have them home!!!!

I just feel so much better now that they're here. I'm sure that me being home all day by myself these days has intensified my missing them, but at least I can talk to them instead of me irrationally responding to the characters of All My Children on television (hey, it gets lonely). Now, I can just tell Stan & Spark how silly that show is. It's nice to have them home and just have to smile about it!!!!!

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