Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 81 Mom & Son Day

Hands down, my favorite part of the day, the part that gave me much to smile and be happy about, has left with sore and blistered toes. And it was well worth it!

I had to do some run some errands today while my husband and our friend accomplished some home repairs. My son was eager to join me on my outing since it entailed a home repair store and I was happy to have the company, especially his.

On the ride to the store, I noticed some antique tractors and equipment lined up at a farm and immediately pointed them out to my son. He, of course, thought they were awesome! While at the store, I used my phone to look up the events calendar for the farm (don't you just love technology these days?!), and was able to see that there was an antique tractor show going on there today. We would just have to stop by there on the way home! The fellas at home would just have to wait an extra half hour for their goods...

We got there and made our rounds. You have to understand something about my son to fully appreciate this feeling we both had. He loves anything with wheels, he loves anything wheels that is antique even more, and he loves machinery. Now imagine all of that wrapped up into one place.

I love photography. I would love to be better at it, but more than that, I would love for my son to take it up as well and he has shown a lot of interest in the art. I gave him my phone, since I didn't think to bring my camera along to the store, and let him take pictures of all the things he loved with it today (there's that wonderful technology again). These photos posted are all his images.

We had such a good time looking at everything and talking about how the machines worked and what they were used for. He took pictures, and I gave him some tips as well. We had a great time. I have to say, that this farm field was a bit unwieldy for me. I just so happened to wear cute little Ralph Lauren plaid peep toe wedges today. Not exactly pasture wear. But I dealt with it just fine.

One of the machines, was a saw that cut large tree trunks. The guy running it had a bunch of the round slabs of trunks splayed out onto the grass with a sign reading "Garden Steps Free". My son thought we needed about seven, I talked him down to four. We carried the steps up to the fence by our car and dropped the over the side so we wouldn't have to carry the up the hill, around the gate and then back down. As I did this, I hear my son yell out "Last one there is a rotten egg! Hahah!"

He was already half way up the hill!

Head start or no, and more notably, wedges or no, I was going for it! I ran up that hill after him, toes squeezing through those torturous peep toe holes every step of the way along the squishy ground. Back at my car, I was quickly realizing how much my poor toes suffered, but I didn't care. I just had to make to the grocery store and back to the house.

He still won, but we laughed heartily! Then, we checked our shoes for not so pleasant cow patty remnants. Phew! We were extremely lucky there! It was bad enough my son was a little stinker with his head start, but I certainly didn't want any thing else stinking us up!

When I pulled in the driveway and stepped out the car, the first thing I did was kick off those shoes! Right by the car! Ahhh, that felt much better. What a great day!


  1. Oh my gosh! My one friends son would have loved that! He has John Deer gear for everything! The tree trunks steps sound amazing! When you put them in, post a pic!

  2. That would be such an amazing event! I wish they had those around here, but really all you have to do is go to a farm and say, "hey, can I see your equipment" lol. I grew up on a Grain farm in Wyoming, so I appreciate seeing all those amazing photos of older tractors! I love it!

    I Love special days like those with the sons! I have 2 and it's been a while since we've had a really special day like that. I miss it! I'm so glad you got to do something so unique and special with your son!

    Stopping by from Members to Remember! <3

  3. What a special day. I LOVE these pictures too :0)

  4. You are so right! There is nothing better than time alone with one of the kids - and I'll say it here - I LOVE time with my son - he is so much fun. I love my daughters, but there is always a little drama involved or shopping (ugh.) i hate to shop. Tractors? I love tractors and I especially love to listen to my son talk about tractors, etc. If only we could bottle those moments!

  5. Awesome post. My grandson LOVES anything with an engine. As soon as he even hears 1 he gets a huge smile. He's not even 2 yet. It's awesome. I love the pictures.
    visiting from VB.

  6. Great post and awesome pictures. My son would love something like this.

  7. I can tell you had a lot of fun out there.
    I had to laugh when I read about you running up hill with your toes squeezing through the peep toe holes! So funny!

    Stopping by from VB members to remember and following you on GFC!