Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 88 Footed Pajama Smiles

It's my dad's birthday today and we were all able to spend it together today! All day! To celebrate, my daughter devised a plan. She wanted to have a special movie night and dictated the necessary items to her grandfather before shopping for the "necessary" provisions.

The list:

Ice Cream

So, after a dinner out, we headed out to the store. They picked out a movie, Hoodwinked Too Hood vs. Evil. That actually took a while. The perk of my children having a father who makes animated movies for a living is that they have seen or own just about all of them out there. Next, we were off to get new pj's. Apparently, she felt that we all needed new pj's, but I got her to be okay with just the kids. Until...

There they were... Hanging in the boys' section. Footed fleece pajamas. And they looked big! Perhaps it was being around my parents today that brought out the kid in me, but I found myself eyeing those cozy cuddling pj's with a huge grin on my face. While my son tried on skull and cross bones robes, I was finding the largest size available in those footies. I held them up against me to see if there was the slightest chance that they might be big enough. My husband seemed to think they would fit and that was all the encouragement I needed!

I was trying those babies on! I just slipped 'em right on over my clothes, right then and there! Yep, I had to have them. And let me tell you, they're sooo cooozzzyyy! I'll be warm all winter in this thing! Who needs a snuggie when you wear footed pajamas?! Loving them!

Well, after the all the list fulfilling and extraneous pajama purchasing, we headed home for some of my sister's delicious home made (dye free) cupcakes, my daddio enjoyed his flag mosaic we made for him and we had our movie night. My daughter had a great plan and we enjoyed it thoroughly. 

I've smiled a lot today and I'll continue to smile while I consider purchasing more of those pajamas in the other motifs. Gee, should I go with rocket ships or guitars? My son thought camo suited me. Oh, there were some in the girls' section too! I could get the lavender ones with poodles, pink with pandas, or light blue with skulls... Ahhh, warm and fuzzy decisions...

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