Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 94 A Little Frizzy

I had to go shopping today. Normally, I don't mind shopping, but today, I had an unpleasant experience. First, a small amount of back story.

I did some cleaning today and pet care which requires that I shower afterwards. I knew I was going out to the mall and since I don't get out as much lately, I decided to put on the pretty face and try to do something with this mane of mine. I have long, wavy, textured hair. Some days it's pretty and defined, some days, not so much. Today was a decent hair day, somewhere in between the pretty/defined and the not so much days. I thought it was alright though.

Until I was walking through the mall. I grabbed a cup of coffee to appease me while I meandered through stores and I even bought a small vanilla scone to enjoy as well. As I made my way past the wood furniture store on my way to JCrew, I had to walk past one of those kiosks. This particular one sold hair flat iron straighteners.

The guy made eye contact with me as I nibbled on my scone. Then, he began shaking his head at me in a disapproving your hair is an atrocity sort of way. I was a little surprised by this and didn't completely comprehend the situation. I smiled graciously, but continued on with my coffee and scone.

"You should have a seat here."

Oh, no he didn't! He did not just disapprove of my hair and then tell me that I should let him fix it! First off, he didn't even have any hair of his own. That may not matter, but it bugged me regardless. Secondly, who, in their right mind, would sit down to let someone do their hair that just blatantly insulted them?! Thirdly, ah hell, who needs a third point with those first two? He was rude and that's that.

I gave him the look of death and moved on. Needless to say, I didn't go by there again that day and when I did make it home, I put my hair in pigtails before going on to the cub scout meeting tonight. I understand that it was raining all day and that humidity wreaks havoc on my locks, but to be dissed like that in public was a bit offsides. Jerk!

Braided pigtails do make me smile though and remind me of the part of our honeymoon when we visited  Joshua Tree National Park. I recall wearing pigtails that day and having wonderful time.  I guess the rude, hairless, flat iron pusher was just doing his job and I wouldn't have been thinking of such a wonderful time if it hadn't been for him.... but I can still give him the death stare whenever I feel like it.

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  1. kelly, you are so nice to only give him the look of death!! i would have sat down and pinched his nose with the 450 degree flat iron!! HAHA!
    those kiosk people can be crazy!! they always hound every single person walking by. i sometimes take out my cell phone and pretend that i'm talking to someone. and i love pigtails too! i wear em to bed sometimes! my hair is naturally CRAZY unless i straighten it. if he dare says the same thing to you ever again, you should say, "you should grow some hair first!"
    happy weekend!!