Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 84 My Parents Made Me Smile

My parents are my reason for smiling today.

Almost six years ago, my husband was offered a job at an animation studio. He worked tirelessly to teach himself the skills needed to land the position and I was thrilled for him to get his dream job. Problem with this awesome job, the kind where they supply their artistic employees with video games and pool tables to keep them creative, is that it is over four hours away from my family and friends.

Don't get me wrong, I love what my husband does for a living, I'm grateful that his job is on the east coast instead of making me head to across the country from my family, and I love that my kids have been able to be involved with some of the movie magic as well. But...

I am one of those people that loves being around my family. I need it, in fact. I can't help, but miss them all. To compound the feeling of missing out on so much of my loved one's lives, is the fact that I haven't made a lot of close connections here since we moved. I feel like I truly only have one friend here. I'm tearing up now as that sinks in. I guess I wouldn't be so bothered about all this except now, I'm here at this house every day by myself now. Kids are gone to school, and I've got a daily date with television, chores, and endless internet surfing.

Today, I had reprieve. My parents came in town for a quick visit, too quick really. We had breakfast together, just the three of us. I don't remember the last time I had a meal with both my parents without anyone else there! Then, it was on to the mall with my mom (she's constantly trying to buy me something). I felt so good to with them today. I really really needed it.

So today, I smiled as my parents watched my kids get ready for school and laugh with each other despite me saying it was time for the kids to brush their teeth. I smiled when they all went outside together to wait for the bus to come. I smiled as my parents smiled watching my kids board the bus. I smiled during breakfast and shopping. I couldn't help but smile when my parents waited outside for the bus to bring the kids back home and at how my kids lit up getting off that bus when they saw us (especially, when my daughter runs up to me, beaming from ear to ear and hugs me ecstatically). The simple event of watching my kids get on and off the bus, is an event my parents don't see often and some years, haven't seen at all.

I'll have to be happy with the smiles I had today and cherish them for all their worth. They'll get me through until I see my family again... which will probably be this weekend. I'll need family refueling by then and more smiles as well.


  1. What an awesome post; you left me smiling as well. I'll be praying that you'll find comfort in your new home and good friends to warm your heart. ;)

  2. Thats nice that you got to spend some time with your parents. I know what it's like. My parents live on another island from me and I miss them all the time too. I just wish they could see my kids more and get to spend time with them. This was a great post.