Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 86 Friends Between Classes

It was off to the school again tonight for me, day two in a row. This time, it was the meet and greet for my son's grade and I was happy to go to it.  Not because I was going to be meeting his teacher (I've already done that) and not because I get to see all the plans for their future as fourth graders (I've got a pretty good idea what that entails). I was looking forward to seeing moms.

Yep, that sounds funny alright, but that's what made me happy tonight. I knew my mom friends from dance class, cub scouts, and the like would be there and I hadn't seen them since the beginning of summer. I enjoyed the catch up chat.

I sure needed to see the ladies again. Now, I just have to actually keep in touch with them (dance is off all of our schedules this year). The cub scouts group, I'll see at a few times a month so I that won't be so hard to keep up, but I really must put forth effort to invite the other moms out for lunch or something. This sounds so easy, but it doesn't come naturally to me.

I don't have any problem striking up a conversation with people, even complete strangers. For instance, last night, I started speaking with a parent I've never seen before. We just got chatting and I found out that her son had many of the same issues that my son had. She had real concerns about her son and he wasn't getting any help. I passed on all sorts of information to her and I had never even met her before. But boy oh boy, don't ask me to call someone or email them to see if they want to have a cup of coffee. I'm going to have to change that!!

Well, I had a fun time tonight chit chatting with friends between classrooms. The lively banter sure made listening to ongoing PTO speeches worth enduring for the second night in a row, and fleeing those with your sanity still intact can be a difficult task. Friends keep you sane and they keep you smiling.

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  1. I agree. I love to talk and chit-chat with the parents (MOMS!!). We joined a playgroup when my kids were little and the moms began having social events at their respective homes. For example, coffee (with the kids when little) at their home - cook outs - even field trips. I definitely say email and invite a small group to coffee - in or out of your house. We often meet at the area coffee shop. I have one group that meets every Tuesday morning. It's too much for me, but I know I can pop in when ever I want!! We also plan dinner out once in awhile. It's become harder with the kids getting older and busier - do it! You'll be so glad!!