Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 73 Other's Smiles

There are times when I am feeling overwrought, I consider my own feelings, without much thought to those around me. I was feeling stressed, tired and a had a bit of a tickle in my throat and a cough.

But there were many moments to smile about regardless.

My other Grandma came for a visit and she's become so frail over the year, but to see her being quick witted and joking around despite her body not allowing her to do what she wants. When my Aunt said to her "We took you to the beach", she replied humorously replied "You took me to a house. I didn't see any beach!" My Aunt then said "well, alright then! We'll take you to see the beach!" And sure enough, with a little effort, we wheeled her right down onto the shore. She loved being in the sand and spending time with the family. Her smile and good humor brought about a change in perspective for me.

After that, I began to see more smile worthy moments. Such as driving down  the road and seeing a woman and child on a crossroad. The woman whispered to the little one and then pulled her close for a hug.

I often forget to look for those gleaming smiles instead of my own personal minute tragedies. I really need to spend more time noticing the little smiles throughout the day of others, an effort I know will bring about more smiles than the self-centered thoughts that take away my own smiles. Today, I had just a few of those smile triggers but it was enough to smile about.

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