Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 89 My Little Smiles

Despite leaving my parents' house to drive over four hours to mine, I've had a lot of little reasons to smile today. Little things that added up over the day...

My father didn't work all weekend. This man works every day and has even gone in on holidays. He spent all weekend with us.

My mother cooked us breakfast and even made root beer flavored pancakes because her grandson loves the beverage so much (he did proclaim that his nickname would be Root beer a couple of years ago). How sweet is that?

Music. Music played while I'm getting ready in the morning some how sets the tone for the rest of my day. Music helps me stay awake while driving home during long car rides.

My husband holding my hand while I drive.

Watching the Buffalo Bills football team win their game. My husband's a life long fan and I actually enjoyed watching the end of the game with him today.

Chocolate milkshake. Oh, and Mango Strawberry Fruitista. It was a higher calorie day, but I don't care people.

Meeting up with my sister and her fiance at the mall unexpectedly.

Laughing over spider stories.

My son solving a problem with his toy. You can see the gears turning in that brain of his.

My daughter's thoughts on the prices of her favorite toys. "The prices on Littlest Pet Shop have gotten so low! They're going down in price. I can buy two!"

Later, my daughter says "I miss my teacher because it's been so long since I've seen her. I can't wait to tell her about my new toy!"

My daughter won a prize from a benefit we went to this weekend. She was hoping it was the iPad2 basket, but was happy about the toy basket she received instead and gave all the tool toys her brother.

Looking in the rear view mirror and seeing my son wearing a yellow toy hard hat in the back seat as if that is totally normal.

Getting ready to watch a John Cusack movie in bed.

There were more things, but I've got a movie and a husband waiting on me. Good night y'all!

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