Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 93 A Kiss and a Smile

It was a pretty dull day. Part of me is thrilled to have a quiet day, and yet the other part of me would have preferred not staying home to clean and watch day stealing television. As I picked up the laptop tonight, I began to wonder what in the world would I write about? I can't just talk about my nonchalant day. I'm supposed to be sharing how I sought after, created and realized my Never Neverland smile on a daily basis, in hopes, that one day, I am able to do all that without trying so hard. But days like today, make that seem like a difficult task.

That was until I shared with my husband that I really had no idea what I was share. And here's where it gets totally mushy, I mean sweet. He comes over, kneels down beside me and gives me a kiss. Yep, that got a smile.

It also got me thinking about the other kisses I received today. His good morning kiss, his kiss before leaving, my daughter's after school greeting kiss, the kids' goodnight kisses. And there was also the one from my son. I kept kissing him on the cheek, being obnoxious, while he was watching television. I knew he would eventually tell me to stop with a sly little grin, but I wasn't expecting him to then laugh and give me a kiss on the cheek.

Kisses make smiles and I wouldn't have given them much thought if it weren't for the one given to me at a time when I felt like I had lost them for the day. I may not have grabbed my smiles by the laugh lines today, but I'm alright with that. I'm grateful to have been given a kiss and a smile when I needed it without asking for it. Even that alone is something about which to smile.

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