Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 36 A Friendly Smile

I had quite a few smiles today. Spending time with my daughter shopping was actually a treat today (she didn’t complain or beg to go home). She honestly said that she wanted to spend to time with me all the time and in my eyes, that’s enough of a smile to last for days! Then, my son made way for a new smile. He redecorated under his loft to make room for the old school house desk we had and then assisted with the assembly of their new computer desk. I can’t help but smile when that boy starts wielding a screwdriver. But what I loved more was him saying thank you to me for the desk. Seeing my husband walking to the track to relieve me of my parental duties in order for me to get to my first night of Reiki Master class was a definite boost to the morale as well. Reiki class, with its meditation and reflection, certainly left me feeling ready to enjoy my evening. But what I needed was simple...
A friend and a conversation... and maybe a glass of wine. The comfortably cool evening, the sound of the lake lapping against the dock, and laughing with a friend while sipping on a glass of wine make for a great big happy smile. It was a beautiful scene. Then, a weird all white skunk walked by and straight up the walk way which just so happened to be the way I had to walk to my car. I was in even less of hurry to rush home after that... And did you notice that I said it was all white. That left me with more time to enjoy some smiles before I cautiously made my way back to the car to return home. No need to follow that critter too closely. Oh, and you better believe that I jiggled the keys and vocally forewarned any smelly stripe-less skunks of my presence when I did head on home. I’m pretty sure sneaking up on an unsuspecting skunk is a pretty fast way to demolish a smile and I want to hold on to mine for as along as possible.


  1. Adrienne TavelinskyJuly 28, 2011 at 2:51 AM

    That is an awesome day :) I like the skunk part too :)

  2. Adrienne, thanks for stopping by! That skunk was weird! Seriously, it was all white! Never seen one like that before.

  3. Those things would make me smile too!! Especially the wine and freinds part...the skunk, maybe not so much...LOL!!

    Have a great day!