Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 20 Socks and LEGO's

For today’s reflection, I’m going to focus on my son. My 9 year old boy, the reason for so many of my smiles (and quite a few grey hairs as well), filled my day with bits of humor and plenty of proud mama moments today. And yes, I had plenty of smiles from the other members of my family, but I wanted to focus on my son tonight. 
First of all, I’ll start with the humorous part of the day. The socks... My son was very happy to take his shower this morning and prepare for his first day at camp. He was in such a good mood, that I got his clothes up for him and set his iPod up in the bathroom. See, the iPod is a timer in disguise. Normally, my son gets distracted in the shower, but when one song ends, he knows he should be done with washing his hair, or his body or whatever.. you get the point. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Today, it worked!! He was in and out in less than 20 minutes and he used soap! I did happen to notice that he seemed to be wearing all the clothing I gave him, except his socks. “You didn’t give me any” he says to me. “Yes, I did. I put them with the rest of your clothes” I replied. I looked in the bathroom, didn’t see them around anywhere, so I told him just grab another pair, the other pair would turn up. And they did. Just before heading out the door for camp, I popped myself into the bathroom to use the loo. I lifted the toilet cover and... “Found your socks! They’re a bit on the soggy side though.” 
When my son finished LEGO camp, he immediately dove into telling me all about their builds. What he made, what they did with the builds, who was in the class, what the instructors did. He then took over my cell and began calling his father, grandfather and grandmother and told them all about it as well. We sent him in with a camera so he could share his creations with us. He couldn’t wait for me to post them Facebook for all our friends and family to see. I loved hearing him go on and on about his day. I knew he would be fine at camp, but I still worried that he’d get frustrated about something and become upset, that he might speak rudely to a counselor when he’s feeling overwhelmed or that other kids may not include him. These things are on my mind the entire time he’s at an event like this (believe me, I worry when he’s at school all the time). It’s part of the territory when you’re the mom of an aspie. But to hear him talk avidly about his day, pushed those thoughts aside. It’s a funny sensation when your heart fills up with love and happiness, yet you feel lighter at the same time. Of course, later, I wondered if he did have any frustrations at camp, but I didn’t bother asking him about it. He was happy and I wanted to keep him focused on that. If he’s happy, I’m happy. 
My son can’t wait for tomorrow. He’s already gotten his clothes up next to his bed so he can be ready for camp. Yes, he put a clean pair of socks with them. I don’t think he’s ever gotten his clothes up ahead of time. That’s a good sign. 20 minute showers? Clothes ready the night before? Can we have LEGO Camp every day? 

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