Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 16 Reflection of Smiles

A list of the moments that made me smile today--
When I dropped my son off for tutoring, he got out of the car and walked towards the door, but turned with a smile and gave me an enthusiastic wave just before he walked inside. 
When I picked my son up from tutoring, he beamed with pride to show me his new reward, a plastic snake. I've since put that snake away three times, but it seems to find a way of slithering its way back out. 
My friends had a baby today, mom and baby are doing well. How wonderful is that?!

At the store, my daughter picked out what she thought her friend would want for the birthday party instead of picking out what she would want for herself. 
At lunch, my kids didn’t bicker with one another at all and they even shared croutons and sunflower seeds.
While at home, my kids got in trouble for being too rough with each other and they were sent to their room (not smile-worthy). After about two minutes, I could hear them laughing with each other and  I let them have their fun instead of cracking down on quiet time.
At the track tonight, I saw my son enjoying his run, win ribbons and receive high-fives from his coaches. As he was racing down the 100 meter, I was cheering him on and he looked over and smiled at me. 
My daughter enjoyed her run too, received ribbons and stars, told me all about the game Duck Duck Ice and was completely embarrassed by my cheering her on during her 100 meter race.
The humor that passes between three ladies making their way around a track and cheering on their children, whether the children like it or not, can be very smile inducing!
Returning home to find that dinner was done already by husband! Woot Woot!
Out of nowhere, my daughter looks at me and says “I love you, Mommy.” She then asked for a hug and smiled sweetly as she received my love in return. 
I read bedtime stories to my kids. My girl practiced using her sight words and sounding out words she didn’t know without getting frustrated. My son is reading one of my childhood favorites and I was happy to read a chapter to him.
Just before going to bed, my son told me about all the good things he liked about the day.
It was a busy and exhausting day, but after looking back upon it, I see that it was a good day. I enjoyed the time spent with my kids and my friends. I now need to sit back and relax a little with my husband. I know he cooked today, but maybe I can still squeeze a neck rub out of him. That sounds very smile inducing as well! Oh, and if you’re wondering what Duck Duck Ice is, it’s the same as Duck Duck Goose, except that you slip a piece of ice onto the person that will chase you. Perfect fun on such a hot day and it gave many children laughter and smiles and many parents enjoyed watching the kids squeal in delight! I got a few smiles out of that too. Now, to find my husband...

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