Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 18 New Family in my Yard

I saved a baby mouse today. I know that sounds ridiculous to some people, but I felt awesome! 
Our shed’s roof collapsed this winter, due to the great amounts of snow dumped on us courtesy of  Mother Nature and Jack Frost . While my husband was cleaning out that shed today, he saw that a family of mice had made a home in one of the corners. He saw Mama Mouse escape with her new brood out a back corner. One little one was left behind. He told me about it and pointed out the lone little mouse that was unable to follow along. The little fella was so tiny, a little bambino and still had his eyes closed, and it broke my heart to see him lying there alone, squeaking for his Mama. I knew Mama wouldn’t be able to come back for him with repairs being made to the shed. How long could the little survive without her? My husband looked at me and said “Well, go on and get it.” He understands me too awfully well. I asked where Mama went, I followed his direction and found the family around the back. I grabbed my husband’s gloves mostly for sanitary reasons and partly because I’m a pansy, carefully picked up the little fellow and carried him around to where I saw Mama last. Before I could lay Bambino down, Mama peeked her mothering head around a box, saw me and darted away before I could say “Wait, he’s right here!” I hoped I hadn’t missed my chance to reunite this mother and infant, since she was certainly searching for him and following his little squeaks. I laid tiny Bambino where I saw Mama last and stepped away. I couldn’t go too far. I had to know if she came back. She would have to come back for him... I really hoped she would. All of sudden, there she was! She popped her little brown head up over a box, saw Bambino, jumped back in the box, ran around the side and grabbed Bambino and ran off. “YES!” I jumped, clapped my hands and did a Rocky dance with both hands in the air, and a sported a great big smile on my face! 
Now, I know that having a family of mice living in my backyard as neighbors isn’t the most ideal situation. They’ll probably lead to more mice and they might try moving into my house some day, but I just couldn’t bare leaving that little baby alone like that, on a dirty, dank concrete floor. Mother nature will take over from here, and even if I’m trying to keep little Bambino out of my house one day, I’ll sleep better knowing that I didn’t leave that little guy high and dry. I am a mother after all... and after Mama found Bambino, I’d like to think she’s resting easier tonight as well. 

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