Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 23 Fair Fun Takes the Cake

I’m keeping this one simple! 
It’s been a long day. Out of the house by 9:30, drop off son for tutoring, rush back home, pick up son from tutoring, grab lunch, drop off son for camp but miss my exit so turn around to find out no exit on the other side of the highway which means turn around again and some how still manage get to camp on time, head home, then pick up son from camp, playground, head home, then to go to track, back home to wash up and then to the FAIR! I’m whooped
But I’m smiling! Maybe it was catching up with friends at the fair, or watching my daughter laugh her way in circles on the Dizzy Dragon, but it’s possible it was seeing my son bump cars the entire time we there. Perhaps it was seeing my husband and daughter waving down to me from atop the ferris wheel. Then again, it could have been the funnel cake! Actually, it could have been helping my daughter on the water gun game and winning, but there was that moment when my son won a prize and gave it to his sister. Yes, it was all of that and so much more... 
And tomorrow, I’ve got candy apple waiting for me!

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