Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 29 Slipped Up

Good news... I didn’t cry over any pop songs today! 
I did try very hard to keep my cool today, both literally and figuratively. I feel like I was successful for the most part, but there were a few moments where I wanted to send everyone to separate corners of the world. Oh but there was one particular moment that tested my ability to keep a straight face. 
My little diva was finding it difficult to step aside and let her brother pass by her. Bickering ensued and they lost a treat. Shockingly, she decided to deny any and all wrong doing. She just couldn’t move at that particular time apparently and he would just have to wait! Afterwards, she wanted to sit with me on the couch and I said that if she wanted to join me, she would need to admit what she did that was wrong and apologize to her brother. Say what?! She was NOT happy about that! In true diva spirit, she pulls at her favorite nightgown, Rapunzel’s dress, clenches her jaw and stomps her feet, declaring that she doesn’t want to and it’s unfair. The clenching and pulling drives me crazy!! I repeat what I said previously and added sternly that if she yanked on her gown again, it would end up in the garbage. Well, her gown is safe from being ripped, but how is she to show her frustration now? She begins clenching her fists and leaning against the couch, and without even realizing it, her fist begins to clutch at her gown. Just as I’m reminding her of the garbage warning, she slips! Just a little slide really. The dress was slippery against the couch and her exaggerated angry expression slipped right along with it. As for me, I absolutely had to turn my head and laugh it out! I couldn’t help it! There was nothing I could do about it! My husband sitting next to me was covering his smile with his hand, but the smile shown through his eyes regardless. My daughter began to smile and chuckle as well, but I quickly regained my composure and explained what we expected of her. She apologized and finally stated what she did wrong. 
I wasn’t looking for a smile at the moment and was too tired to attempt creating one. I was focused on keeping calm more than anything else, but some how the smile still found me... and my husband, and my daughter. Just when the battle of wills was firmly taking hold, a smile slipped up on us all! That, or the nightgown was protesting against it’s possible new home...

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