Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 14 Packing a Smile

I woke up on my own this morning! I opened my eyes and didn’t hear bickering. At that moment, I listened for the voices of angels singing and harps being strummed because it felt that heavenly! I looked to my side and my husband wasn’t there. I don’t think he’s gotten out of bed before me more than 10 times in our whole marriage so I was little surprised. I got dressed and headed downstairs and that’s about where the euphoria I felt began to dissipate. 
I wanted to get an early start today because we needed to return home in time for a sporting event for my kids. My husband needed to make repairs to his computer so he went to the shop with my son in tow. I started packing the car. Please understand that my husband and I disagree about what should be brought along when we go to my parents’ home for a visit. I know that if I want to exercise, I just need my sneakers. He seems to think we need every weight and workout tool known to man. He brings 4 fishing poles because there is a slight chance that he may go fishing. I know I’m not going fishing and neither is my daughter, and that his fishing buddy is out of town, so it would seem excessive to me. I could go on, but I’ll spare you. In short, I pack light, he packs tonnage. The problem wasn’t the overload of essentials/non-essentials, it was that I was being ignored. I had specifically said we didn’t need all that equipment before I went out of town. I had specifically said I wanted to leave early, and due to the dent in the computer that needed to be fixed immediately for some reason, I was leaving late. This form of inattention occurs frequently enough to drive me batty. I feel like yelling “Hello? Are you hearing me?” I was boiling over, but I thankfully had a lengthy car ride to ease me out of it. 

I ended up getting home with 30 minutes to get the kids and myself ready for the track. I got it done and I didn’t lose my cool as we were heading out the door, so that felt pretty good. We got there just in time to sign in and disperse, which led to a few smiles around the track. I enjoyed seeing my son get picked as a helper and watching both my kids run the track with pride and motivation. The bonus for me at the track was that I ran with a friend and had a conversation with someone who wasn’t still in elementary school or a relative. That doesn’t happen often enough, so I appreciate when it happens. Another great thing about this evening? I barely had to unpack that conglomeration of vital tackle and training gear, so I was thrilled! You know what you need to pack for a smile? Just a good thought! I do like packing light and memories take up absolutely no trunk space!

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