Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 12 Feathers and Family

I have begun to realize that my wardrobe has gotten stale. I’ve lost a bit of playfulness in my fashion right along with that smile for which I’m searching. Somewhere along my life's path, I substituted animal print flats for comfy sandals. Oh, I still love my big brown boots and can’t get enough of them, but I’ve lost the glitzier side of my wardrobe. I don’t buy a lot of clothing, so I tend buy easy wear clothes and a few items that have that extra bit of design to them. That’s why I love handbags so! I can add a punch of color or pizazz to any plain outfit with my handbag. Unfortunately, I have somewhat expensive tastes when it comes to those carriers of necessities and not so necessities and I can’t just go out and get a new one any time I would like to do so. I have forgotten all about the other types of accessories though! 

Today, I came across a headband that I never would have had the guts to buy before. A cute feathery piece with a band that almost disappears once placed upon my head. The subdued purple and hint of turquoise smiled to me and I had to have it. The hair piece is most certainly unique next to the rest of my hair accessories which consist of black hair bands and tortoise shell clips. Doesn’t get much more boring than that! I definitely felt doubt about the purchase, wondering would I actually wear it, but I got it any way and wore it immediately! I felt more youthful and whimsical! A portable  fountain of youth that brightened the eyes, and I can’t wait to wear it again! It may seem silly that I can feel this way over a headband, and I can’t fully explain it, but I just felt livelier! That’s enough for me. 
And where did I wear this feathery goodness? To my sister’s new home for a barbecue! I loved being there and seeing how happy she is in her comfortable abode, with a fellow who treats her well and all the possibilities that lay ahead for her. The kids had a good time coaxing me and multiple other people to play tag and baseball with them and everyone enjoyed the afternoon out. That’s right, I was pitching whiffle balls with feathers in my hair! I had a good time along with everyone else and I hope we have many more gatherings just like that for years to come. My sister’s happiness and her sharing her home with us all made for an evening filled with smiles! I wanted to soak up every moment of it and hold on to it for as long as possible. These events are too few to take them for granted. When I wear my purple feathers, I will smile thinking of my sister’s gathering and my poor pitching skills that didn’t hamper my son from cracking apart every ball. I will remember my daughter’s eager laughter during stuffed animal tag. I don’t think this headband will be shut away in a closet with the rest of my hair ties. This one will remain close by and visible so I can be reminded as often as possible of my good time with family, and a smile can be brought back to me once more. 

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