Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 25 Classic Cars, Classic Smiles

Searing sun and heat, crowds worthy of people watching, wafting smells of gasoline and exhaust mixed with the scent of fried food, vendors scattered throughout the grounds among the hundreds of classic Americana on wheels...yep, today, we went to the Syracuse Nationals, a.k.a heaven to my son, the mini gear head. He certainly enjoyed himself and it took quite a bit of convincing to get him understand that he doesn't have to take pictures of every car on the fairgrounds. Well actually, he only ceased when he became preoccupied with a delicious frozen treat. It was a bit overwhelming and my son did get irritable at times, but he enjoyed it all the same. While it was fun to see the classic cars and trucks, and I did enjoy seeing my son light up at the colorful multitude of vintage rides, more smiles followed throughout the afternoon.
My husband and I stopped over at my sister's and her boyfriend's house, a visit filled with shooting the breeze about movies we've seen and other chat fodder. I also thoroughly enjoyed watching a zombie flick with my husband while enjoying a good drink and snacks once we made it back home. 
I'm off to bed now after a long day, but one filled with about as many shining moments of happiness as there were shiny paint jobs... and crazy tan lines, "interesting" outfits, flame decals, fuzzy dice and cherry emblems...

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