Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Song That Makes Me Smile

This song has brought a smile to face since about 1985 and yep, I've been caught belting it out while driving down the road... That was a little embarrassing, but that a brought a smile to their face too. I love it when my kids are playing LEGO Rock Band and they have to play it for me!

I found this "Songs That Makes Us Sing" through Because I'm the Mommy.
Because I'm the Mommy


  1. Hey Kelly! Love this song...I was actually thinking of using it in one of our upcoming Songs that Make Us Sing beat me to it! LOL

    welcome to the party and you did great! Now following you...come stop by and follow me back if you'd like! :)

  2. Great song Kelly! Thanks for linking up with me Ginger and I. Hope to see you again on Saturday!