Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 32 Today, I Smiled Because Of...

A text saying my parents are on their way to my house.
My husband awoke, saw me and smiled. 
My son saying “Oh, good morning, Mom!” 
My daughter hugging me and saying “Goooood mooorrrrniinnngg, Mom!” in a low goofy voice.
My hair looked descent right after getting out of bed.
Wearing a new dress.
Lucky earrings.
Helping my daughter get over the fear of her bicycle.
My son getting excited when he learns that his grandparents have just pulled into the driveway.
Seeing my parents.
Having ice cream with my family.
Searching for property.
Getting a hug and kiss from my husband.
Playing a game with the family.
Mel Brooks.
My daughter guessing the right answer on her own for the first time in Pictionary.
My son trying new techniques to help him fall asleep easier.
My pajamas.
This blog.
The idea of going to bed really soon....  

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