Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 26 Headed Home to Smiles

I love visiting my parents! So much so that when it is time to return home, I tend to get a bit ornery. A good example of this is Day 14 Packing a Smile. I was extremely irritated that we had to go home and I seized the opportunity to grumble about the (over) packing on that particular day, but that’s only one example. I admit it, I tend to scout out reasons to be cranky on these days, much to everyone else’s chagrin. That’s what usually happens... usually! But, not today!
                   No “gotta leave by...” time meant no rushing. 
                   No rushing meant plenty of time to sit around on the deck and relax. 
                   Relaxation meant leisurely packing. 
                   Packing one suitcase meant easy car loading, for once
                   Easy loading meant less stress. 
                   Less stress meant a happier me! 
                   Oh, and my other half drove-- an even happier happier me! 

But the best part was the conversation along the way. My husband was particularly chatty tonight and it felt great to talk about... Well, nothing in particular, just lighthearted banter and joking around. I laughed more during this ride home with him than I had in a while and it felt good, I felt good. Despite his headache, two traffic jams, and the kids bickering, he seemed to be smiling quite a bit as well. I was happy to see him happy--an even happier happier happier me. 
Shortly before arriving home, he told me he was planning on heading out to the shore to try out his new waders and boots... ahhh, the real reason for the smiles! I’m choosing to think he was actually enjoying himself during the trip home, despite the feeling that I was being buttered up for some reason or that he was just looking forward to his new toys. Oh well, I enjoyed myself, despite being tired and fighting the lull to sleep by the smooth moving automobile in order to continue the exchange of jibber-jabber. 
My husband and I both exchanged a situation that would be irritating to us each for a reason to smile. Maybe, just maybe, we’re learning to be a happier happier (you get the point) us!

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