Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 19 Repurpose, Relax, Reiki

So what do you do when your day was filled with smiles and you realized how special all those smiles were when they were actually happening and not just at the end of the day during reflection? Cartwheels!! Ha, nope, I didn’t do cartwheels. I’m nowhere near coordinated or graceful enough to accomplish that... Remember Day 4? I did pat myself on the back and allowed myself to soak in the day!
I started the day doing things that generally don’t bring about the wonderful feeling of inner peace and joy, you and gardening. I know some people enjoy gardening and don a cute little gloves, kneel on those padded rectangular thingies and get dirty. That is most certainly not me! I’m no diva, but I do happen to like having clean nails and those gloves never seem to do their job. As for cleaning, I know there are some people (crazy people)  who like to clean (no offense to you crazies that enjoy cleaning). They find it therapeutic and purifying. I can understand that too if it wasn’t such hard and gross work. The gloves for that job aren’t so wonderful either. Today, though, I didn’t mind the housework and yard work. Okay, I could’ve done without the cleaning, but it was fine in the end, of course; however, the gardening was almost fun. My flower garden (looks like a weed garden) is a work in progress. I keep adding to it little by little. It’s not so pretty right now, but maybe one day it will be. What’s been fun is the repurposing part of it. My husband’s been cleaning out the shed and I’ve been finding new uses for some of the goodies he’s dragged out. The wood from a beat up bench (I broke it with my car, oops) became part of the walkway through the flowers, old buckets and ice shovel became a planter and decoration. That’s the fun stuff! 
In that shed was some sprinklers left behind from the previous owner as well, so we got one of them working. Presto chango, backyard water park! I smiled particularly wide when I watched my husband take a break, scoop up our daughter and run her into the traveling water spray. There’s not much more precious than a dad playing with his kids. 
Then there are the kids themselves. I had a good chuckle over the neighbor’s four year old declaring “I’m so thirsty! If I don’t get a drink a soon, I’ll die of a heart attack! Man, I’m sweatin’!” My son made me proud of him when he took a break from all the hubbub of the children’s games when he was feeling overwhelmed. He didn’t try to stick it out and end up yelling at other kids like he usually does. I’m so glad he stepped away for just a few minutes to relax and then joined back in. Way to go, son! And my little girl, the one terrified of bugs, had me out catching lightening bugs (or fireflies, whichever you prefer). For some reason, lightening bugs are cute and other bugs aren’t. She later drew a picture of us catching fireflies (I think this is what she prefers to call them) together and we both had huge smiles on our faces. It was an accurate depiction! 
Today was also filled with Reiki and that is always a great thing for me! I had a friend come over for her first treatment and she left wanting more, so I’m thankful that she enjoyed it. It always makes me smile to hear what someone says about their treatment, especially their first treatment. And when the kids saw that the Reiki table was up, they wanted their own treatments. So they each got a treatment on the big table before bed, which means I got to carry my sleepy little girl back to bed again. Yay! My son got off the table euphorically saying that he felt great and ready for bed! 
It doesn’t get much better than all that, and I’m grateful for every moment of it. As I sit here in front of this computer, I have to smile at myself too because I keep falling asleep and bobbing my head when I awake, fingers still on the keyboard. Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself too.

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