Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 22 See-Saw She-Saw a Cat

My nerves are shot today. I spent A LOT of time in the car today. Drove to Sylvan, then to Target, then to Barnes & Noble, then to gas station, then to Sylvan, then grabbed lunch and on to LEGO camp, then to home, and two hours later back to LEGO camp and then back home. And just about all of those places seemed to be at least 20 minutes apart. There have definitely been some stressful times, but plenty of shining examples of smile moments as well.
As my son spent time with his tutoring, my daughter and I spent time in the book store. We all love books in the house and spend a lot of time reading. She enthusiastically picked up one back after another and shared her thoughts with me. She found a Garfield comic strip book and tried reading it on her own. We went over it together until she declared “Let’s put this one back. It’s kinda boring. Now, off to the kids’ books!” And off we were...
Now, as I’m about to tell you how the kids and I played tag on the school’s playground before camp, I’d like to say how nice playgrounds are these days! I remembered having a few metal things to climb on, a set of swings, a see saw that bruised my bottom more times than I could count, and a metal slide or two that felt like it seared the skin on your legs on a sunny day. That was what was left after they “death trap” merry-go-round was taken out. I actually remember that one of schools had three large concrete cylinders to play on. Yay! Concrete! These days, playgrounds come colorful, with 4 or 5 plastic slides that curve this way and that with bumps and stripes, perfectly sized rock walls, built in seating, steering wheels, games, monkey bars that not only go across, but “S” their away along the equipment and some even spin around, and there are rubber grounds! Oh yea, there are swings, they don’t change much. Anyway, I was amazed by the playground progression over the years. Rubber GROUND! So what was I saying, oh yea... The kids and I played tag on the play ground and loved it. All kinds of ups and downs, fun steps and corkscrew ladders. Amazing fun and we were out of breath by the time we got back to the car. 
At home, we got some summer lessons done and got outside for a bit of exercise. After coming in, I started heading outside again to take a look at the sky... would there be a storm? “What’s that?” “IS THAT A...” Well, I thought I saw the tail end of mountain lion walking into woods behind my house. Just great! I have no proof and I couldn’t compare it to any other animal. Maybe it wasn’t a mountain lion, but it sure looked like one. I alerted my husband, my mother, the police station and the DEC. I could be off my rocker, but I wanted to be safe and not sorry. What’s so bad about this, is I know there’s a stray house cat out there. This was not the same animal, different colors and way different in size, but you can hear a cat meowing out there. It’s a strange sound, at first I thought it was a baby crying, but then we could tell it was a cat. I saw the stray later and it was fine. I don’t know, I was so certain before, but now I’m starting to doubt myself. At least I wanted to doubt myself while my husband and I were standing on the edge of the woods, calling to the kitty (house cat, not big cat) to come on out of there, wondering how many cats were actually watching me. Yikes! So, yes, my nerves are a little wrangled, but nothing a good night’s sleep won’t fix. 
All in all, I will try to fall asleep tonight focusing on the playground and book store rather than that tan and white creature I saw in my yard. I’ve never been a cat person. I’ve always been a dog person....

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